Potato diet plan

What Should You Eat After The Potato Diet To Manage Weight


If you are planning to switch your diet and are looking forward to a potato diet, then let us get to discuss the same. A potato diet is a simple and boring diet that includes hogging on to potatoes only.

What’s The Potato Diet Plan?

As the title indicates, the potato diet plan consists of eating only – you guessed it – potatoes.

It is regarded as a crash diet plan, as It is not a healthy diet and doesn’t provide you with a broad range of vitamins and nutrients, but case studies recommend it can provide results in a short length of time.

Potato diet plan

Potato diet plan: how can you stick to the potato diet?

The rules are straightforward. You can freely use herbs, oils, and spices to season them and may be boiled, baked, or even mashed – so long as they are not chips.

The quantity of potatoes you need to be eating every day is 2 to 5 pounds.

The potato diet might enable you to lose almost a stone in only a week – but just how does it work, and could it be safe?

Here are some tips on the potato diet plan program and the right way to place it right into an excellent lifestyle.

Sweet potatoes or yams aren’t incorporated inside your potato allowance.

Another do not is heavy physical exercise; therefore, you will have to give up gym visits if you choose to make the potato diet plan a go.

Potato Diet Rules

The potato diet includes relatively little instruction. Though several variations are present,

  • Rule one. Eat just plain, prepared potatoes for 3 to 5 times.
  • Rule two. As a broad rule, eat 2 5 pounds (0.9 2.3 kg) of potatoes every day.
  • Rule three. Do not eat foods with toppings and condiments, like ketchup, sour cream, butter, and cheese.
  • Rule four. Salt is alright in case you have to, but try to stay away from it.
  • Rule five. When you are thirsty, only drink clean water, plain tea, or maybe black coffee.
  • Rule six. Heavy exercise is not advised. Instead, stick to light walking and exercise.
  • Rule seven. Take your typical medications as directed by your physician, but refrain from utilizing any unprescribed nutritional supplements.

In case you like potatoes and wish to incorporate them in the weight loss diet of yours, the following are some suggestions that could are available in handy:

Try to stay away from deep-fried potatoes, French fries, as well as packed chips. 

stay away from French fries

Store-bought potato chips are full of fats, cholesterol, and empty calories. Consuming just this kind of preparation may add as much as 170 calories to your regular calorie count. And so practice moderation!

The way you prepare your potatoes likewise plays a determining part in weight management. 

Deep-fried potatoes could topple your recommended caloric intake. It’s advised you bake the potatoes of yours, steam, or boil them.

Potato peels are loaded with an outstanding level of fiber. 

Fibre remains in the system of yours for a long time. In case you feel full for an extended time, you’d typically binge less. You can have red-skinned potatoes or baby potatoes with their peels on; they’re tasty and teeming with nourishment.

Potato peels

Potatoes are flexible. 

When you can use them for wafers, you can also include them in healthy salads. Boil them, cook them as well as create an antioxidant creamy salad. Add various other high protein and fiber food items with the salad and also enjoy the whole mix.

Purple potatoes are consumed to slim down. 

can also be filled with high-quality fibers; you can boil them and appreciate it with a sprinkle of chaat masala. And so, choose your potato wisely.

Should you eat potatoes for weight reduction?

Eating just potatoes quite possibly for 2 3 times at a stretch isn’t entirely healthy by any measure. To illustrate, an analysis posted within Harvard Health Publications deduced it doesn’t matter whether the potatoes are baked or fried; they’re currently known to increase blood sugar levels.

While eating a raw potato does not make a lot of a difference if you’re following a generally nutritious diet, it’s not wise to completely switch to this diet for reducing weight. This’s mainly because an all potato diet will not just cover all of the nutritional requirements.

In reality, these particular diet works are simply because this starchy vegetable can make the diet calorie deficit of yours. Thus, you may also wind up gaining back all of the fat you lost during the diets, the second you go back to your regular diet.

How long is the potato diet?

There are usually two ‘camps’ for potatoes, the ‘short-term potato diet’ (or ‘potato hack’), and the ‘long-term potato diet.’ It is possible to use potatoes for some period.

Quick-term potato diet/potato hack: Many individuals use the “potato hack” for short-term weight loss of a few pounds, and eat potatoes for a short period only. The average period is 2-3 days, but some persons go up to a week. The premise behind the “potato hack” is that you can sustain a certain weight without long-term super-restrictive dieting by completing one every once and a while. Tim Steele (anchor link), who appears to have based the potato hack on an 1849 diet scheme for “dyspeptics,” invented potato hacking.

Long-term diet for potatoes: Some people will use a potato diet for several months for the main weight loss over a long time. Andrew Taylor made a remarkable Australian potato dietitian — he only cooked potatoes for a complete year with a few seasonings.


This was a guide to help you understand the potato diet. If you are planning to switch on to one, you must read it and get to enjoy your diet plan. Keep in mind some tips, and you can get to enjoy the best and healthy lifestyle without any hassles.

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